Teacher Bio

Teacher Mariah

Teacher Mariah Watson was born and raised in Southern Oregon. Growing up she babysat, volunteered in her church nursery, and helped with VBS. She went to college in San Diego and has a degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in physical therapy. She is a mother of three boys, 8, 6, and 9 months.

She has been part of our co-op for 5 years as a parent, a board member, and now for the second year as a teacher. She has been in the community for the past 9 years and before becoming a mother worked for the Port Townsend school district with special needs children. She has also worked with children at the YMCA summer camp, and for a number of years has assisted her husband who is an art teacher, and a children’s book writer and illustrator. In this role she has often worked closely with children.

Mariah enjoys making her classroom fun and inviting. She makes it her goal to provide an interesting variety of brain-building activities and experiences. She values the impact art has on brain development and provides the children with many opportunities to paint, craft and create using many types of materials. Mariah also loves to play and knows how to spark imaginations. She will play closely with your children and help them learn appropriate and positive play behavior. Mariah looks forward to working with you and your children.