Parent Involvement

The Playschool is a cooperative. The benefits of this are lower cost, higher adult-to-child ratio, enhancement of the parent-child relationship, and Parenting Education through Peninsula College.

All Playschool Parents contribute a portion of their talents, time, and energy to keep the school functioning effectively. The Board runs the Co-op business, and all the parents participate in decision making, fund-raising, and planning events.

Parent responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting the teacher on a rotating basis .
  • Preparing and serving snack for your child’s class on a rotating basis.
  • Attending and participating in parenting education discussion and meetings.
  • Serving on the board, on a committee, or another Co-op job.
  • Parenting Education is facilitated by an instructor from Peninsula College. Topics include child development, community resources, and other appropriate topics in parenting.